What Kim Kardashian Uses to Look Good on Zoom

March 1, 2021

Look, whether you like it or not, remote work is the new normal.

We have to accept that we need something better than a temporary solution (ahem....dining table–turned–office).

Yeah, get ready to buy that standing desk unless you want to continue suffering from tech neck.

Guess what?

Kim Kardashian has some advice for all of us when it comes to Zoom calls.

This week, she shared her setup on Instagram and mentioned “the best lighting for my Zoom sessions” .

Enter... the L3’s ZoomLite.

Random fact, did you know Kim K has been studying to become a lawyer? Whaa...A

Anyways, try the ZoomLite. Maybe she's right.

Here's the description we found.

The $60 gadget clips on to the top of your computer screen for “professional Hollywood lighting” and takes up zero desk space. It offers three options: warm white light (ideal for nighttime and windowless rooms), blue light (for outside or brightly lit interiors), and natural white light (for everyday situations). And unlike many styles we’ve seen, this one’s tubular design doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It even comes with additional clips for thicker or case-covered screens. Plug it in to your computer’s USB port and…voilà! Professional-grade lighting wherever you are. (The “clean up my appearance” setting on Zoom doesn’t hurt either.)

If you’d rather keep your laptop unhindered, there are plenty of picks to choose from, including a budget-friendly $24 clip-on desk light from Amazon; Article’s design-forward table lamp; a daylight-stimulating floor fixture; and, if you want to splurge, a shadowless high-tech ring light with adjustable intensity. The next time you get a compliment during a Zoom meeting, you have West to thank.

How's your audio and video setup?

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Chris Viglietta

My name is Chris and I write for Look Good Online.

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