11 Simple Ways to Look Good on Zoom

March 2, 2021

COVID... ugh.

We get it.

We're online 24/7, and most businesses are remote by now and adapting to what that means.

That means you're probably using Zoom or Google Hangouts to conduct calls.

This is the new normal. Unfortunately, we still need to look the 9s when on Zoom (usually...)

Looking good can affect the results when presenting your ideas.

First impressions still matter -- especially if you're raising money or applying for a job.

Here are 11 simple ways to look good on Zoom.

1. Take the Time to Fix Yourself

Show everybody you mean business. Schedule time to fix yourself. Even though you're WFH, you want to look your best. 

It goes without saying....don't forget to take a shower while you’re at it (we can still smell you, Bob).

Have a Clean Background

2. Have a Clean Background

Obviously, we see more than your face on Zoom. We see your background. Make sure that you are doing your calls on a nice and clean background. Get a plain backdrop to make it cleaner.

Or, try a virtual background. There are many for free.

Find Good Lighting

3. Find Good Lighting

It doesn't matter how good you look if nobody can see you, right?

Locate yourself in areas with good lighting.

Situate yourself near the windows to take advantage of natural lighting. If you don’t have that kind of lighting, you can utilize small lamps or purchase your own ring light for better visibility.

Take Advantage of Zoom Video Enhancing Features

4. Take Advantage of Zoom Video Enhancing Features

Psst... we'll pass on a secret.

Zoom has the tech to enhance your looks.

Just go to the video settings and click “enable HD” and “Touch up my appearance.”

Use this ASAP. a

5. Invest in a Good Web Camera

Grainy...poor resolution... we've all been there.

Sometimes, the built-in cameras on our laptops aren’t enough. If you want to upgrade, you might need to buy a dedicated web camera.

Look for something with a higher resolution above 720P with frame rates around 15FPS to 30FPS.

Position Your Camera at the Eye Level

6. Position Your Camera at the Eye Level

What are you looking at?

When you look at someone in person, usually you look at them at the eye level -- it shows we're listening. We want the same effect on Zoom.

That’s why you should adjust your web camera at the eye level. Correcting weird camera angles for your Zoom call goes a long way.

We don't want to see your hairline or chin. (...Bob.....)

Have a Backup Internet Connection

7. Have a Backup Internet Connection

I can't tell you how many times my internet died during this pandemic.

Always have a backup internet connection - hotspot or other.

A backup internet connection will ensure that you don’t look like a pixelated robot with dropping frames every 10 seconds.

On that note, have you tested your internet speed?

Take Advantage of a “Do Not Disturb” Sign

8. Take Advantage of a “Do Not Disturb” Sign

You don't want your husband, wife, or kids running in the background making noise.

Since we're all WFH, you're probably note alone.

If you want to look good in Zoom, you must raise the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Talk to your spouse and your children about your Zoom call schedules. Explain that you can’t be disturbed during this timeframe.

This saved us headaches.

Make Sure You Have Good Audio

9. Make Sure You Have Good Audio


You might look good, but what’s the point if they can’t understand what you’re saying?

They might even hear background noises like dogs, lawnmowers, or your psycho neighbor telling odd jokes...

Let's fix that.

Make sure you have good audio. You can invest in a microphone or a noise-cancelling headset to keep this from happening.

Pay Attention

10. Pay Attention

Unfortunately, with Zoom calls, everybody can see everything.

Maybe you look good and sound good, but... it's obvious.

You don't want to be there.

So. pay attention. It makes you look better.


11. Turn the Camera Off or Mute the Audio

Maybe your dog is tearing up the couch.

Maybe your wife needs a hand with her workout.

Maybe your kids are giving you hell.

That's TMI (too much information).

Luckily, you can shut your camera off or mute the audio.

Don't forget to use this.




It’s not just about your look. It’s also on your attitude and how you manage your surroundings. Team or potential clients, keep the tips above in mind to keep a great appearance on Zoom calls.

How's your audio and video setup?

If you don't want to bother with all this, we can do it for you.

Book here.

Chris Viglietta

My name is Chris and I write for Look Good Online.

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If you don't want to bother with all this, we can do it for you.

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